Co-Founder and Managing Partner Harry Nelson was interviewed by Jay Ackerman, CEO of Health Data Vision, Inc on the Value-Based Healthcare Podcast. Harry discuss the new healthcare technologies and trends within the industry and also gives an overview of how he got his start as an attorney and what drew him to the legal sector of healthcare. 

“I discovered this whole other world of healthcare, and as we started working together, I realized that I was perfectly happy to start working on the provider side and see how the different issues that played out both on the institutional side, and on the provider side, particularly when people make mistakes and those need to be corrected. “

Value-Based Healthcare and Digital Health

Harry also discusses the government’s response to the changes in behavioral health and the addiction treatment industry and the rise of telemedicine and digital healthcare in the interest of value-based healthcare.

“We’re spending a lot of time looking at the way that both federal and state governments are adapting to the transformation of behavioral health the way that health plans are as well, with an explosion of claims and concerns about fraud and abuse, and also concerns about evidence-based care.

The other big thing that occupies a lot of my time is transitions around digital health and telemedicine, both getting much more acceptance as a way to bring down healthcare costs and create more efficient access, but also looking at areas where there are concerns at a federal and state level about whether quality is being sacrificed in the name of efficiency.

Listen to the full interview:

The Value-Based Healthcare Podcast Episode 10 – Harry Nelson from Health Data Vision, Inc. on Vimeo.