Partner Aaron C. Lachant was quoted in a April 13, 2018, L.A. Times story titled, “Trump administration abandons crackdown on legal marijuana.”

From the article:

The Trump administration is abandoning a Justice Department threat to crack down on recreational marijuana in states where it is legal, a move that could enable cannabis businesses in California and other states that have legalized pot to operate without fear of federal raids and prosecution.

President Trump personally directed the abrupt retreat, which came at the behest of Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado. White House officials confirmed the policy shift Friday. Trump did not inform Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions in advance of the change in policy, an almost unheard of undermining of a Cabinet official…

Aaron Lachant, an attorney in Los Angeles who represents marijuana businesses, expressed concern that Gardner’s deal might apply only to Colorado.

“The agreement itself appears narrow and only applicable to that state,” he said. “Nevertheless, it is an encouraging sign when in the last year all the messages coming from Washington have been about enforcement. This suggests they are finally moving toward policy solutions.”

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