The LA Times recently published an article featuring a lawsuit being litigated by Nelson Hardiman against the City of Los Angeles. You can access the article online here:,0,389691.story

John Hoeffel, the author of the article, borrowed provocative language from the Complaint against the City and their proposal to subject medical marijuana dispensaries to a lottery in an effort to control the number of dispensaries in the area. The lottery is described as a “municipal game of Russian Roulette” and the pre-inspection provision as a “game of Musical Chairs.”  Mr. Hoeffel also incorporated quotes from Yami Bolaños, the operator of Pure Life. Bolaños’s statements illustrated how the City Attorney has acted in bad faith by enacting an unfair ordinance that would target all dispensaries with complete disregard to those that have been in compliance with each of the City’s numerous attempts to regulate the industry in the past.