Harry will also be speaking on the same topic on Wednesday, June 27 from 9:30 to 10:30am.

As national public health crises/emergencies go, the opioid crisis presents a set of serious problems with no easy solutions and an expanding depth and breadth of challenges. Healthcare organizations will need to develop new adaptive approaches to clinical issues in addressing pain and preventing addiction and overdoses, legal issues in navigating patient privacy laws, and a host of other issues surrounding responsive strategies. This presentation will assess the current and emerging challenges, tactics and strategies to date and ahead, and the hornet’s nest of legal issues surrounding them.

The program will consider:

• Understanding the opioid crisis as a healthcare organization-specific context
• Understanding relevant trends and projections for the opioid crisis for organizational response
• Assessing the current tactics and strategies from an organizational problem-solving activities from a clinical perspective
• Analyzing the legal and compliance elements of organizational response to the opioid crisis
• Developing a longer-term view of the role of healthcare organizations in addressing the crisis
• Resources for thinking strategically about adapting your organization to meet the present, future and evolving challenge