Harry NelsonThe American Addiction Treatment Association will be participating in AXIS 2017 in Naples, Florida.

WHEN: Monday, January 30th 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

WHERE: Naples, FL

Business Development/Service & Support – Accountability, Transparency and Integrity: A Business Development Solution-Focused Panel

Gina Thorne, Harry Nelson, Esq., Ben Cort, and Mark Honzel, MD

The forces of epidemic misuse, healthcare innovation, legislation, and capital have converged to transform today’s addiction treatment field. Intensified demand for addiction treatment services and the subsequent influx of new treatment providers have at once created new hope for addiction sufferers and heightened competition among treatment providers.

More programs and increased competition may be a good thing for prospective patients and families, but it also creates the ideal conditions for unethical marketing and fraud in the industry. The issue of unethical business practices runs the gamut from inadvertent wrongdoing to purposeful predation. The potential negative effects of these practices threaten the integrity and perceived efficacy of the entire addiction treatment field.

This workshop will feature a solution-focused ethics dialogue between key industry experts including a CEO/Executive Director, Clinical Director, Business Development/Marketing Professional, and Compliance Officer. There will be discussion about increasing accountability, creating transparency, and practicing sound ethics to ensure the credibility of our field for consumers and providers.

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