In 2021, a record 100,000 Americans lost their lives due to drug overdoses, including heroin, fentanyl analogs, and prescription medications. We are proud of our track record as the leading firm in the United States advising on complex and evolving issues facing addiction and recovery treatment centers, group homes, and sober living facilities. In 2016, we helped found the American Addiction Treatment Association (since renamed the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP)), which provides education and advocacy for thousands of behavioral treatment programs nationwide. Regulators, policy makers, and other government leaders turn to us as experts in consideration of legal reforms and new laws and regulations as the industry evolves. Our expertise covers all major legal, risk, and business issues related to substance abuse treatment, including licensing, billing and reimbursement, limits on marketing, as well as the interplay between programs and facilities and delivery of professional services in compliance with the corporate practice of medicine (CPOM).